Dads and Lads and Tents

Oliver has a Dad’s and Lad’s weekend coming up which is an overnight camping event at BISS on the Football field.  All the sons and their Dad’s will be pitching tents, playing games, eating and drinking prior to a night in the tents; a group breakfast and then home.  We had been told that camping gear is very reasonable here, so today we all went to the store to take a look.  45 minutes later and 1 full shopping trolley, we return home with a tent, 4 sleeping bags, 4 sleeping mats, a couple of lights and a couple of chairs.  We didn’t spend too much either!  The tent springs to life, like a life raft on the Baring Sea (Deadliest Catch reference!)  Out of the cover, give it a shake and 2 seconds later there is a tent ready to sleep in!  So clever.

Both children are so excited and tonight they are sleeping in the tent, in our living room, on the 16th floor of an apartment complex!  Lots of giggles, whispering and rustles for quite some time after official lights out, so I am hoping they will sleep in tomorrow!!

They look just like the hungry caterpillar!

Too excited to sleep

Too excited to sleep

Tent in our Living Room


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