Just the girls

Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails

Just us girls this afternoon!  Owen and Oliver were off for a night of camping at the school for Dad’s and Lad’s night.  Isabelle and I went to a spa, Dragonfly, at the Kerry Parkside Center and had pedicures.  This was a special treat for Isabelle as she has never been before, but loves painting her own toe nails.  She also had her fingernails painted.  She loved the experience and they made her treatment “kid friendly”.  (Plus it was 50% off for her!!!)

 Then we decided to try out the Clubhouse at our Compound for dinner.  They have a restaurant (as well as a coffee bar, soft play zone for kids, pool, gym and shop).  I had Lamb chop and Isabelle had chicken nuggets – which were the best I have ever tasted!!

Back home for movie time before bed – what a wonderful time with just my lovely little girl.


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