We received our first letter yesterday!  Thank you to Laurence for his lovely card.  This is a big deal as we have been told that mail  is very unreliable here and not everything arrives.  Using the Chinese address is also highly recommended (Laurence wrote in plain old English!).

Apparently I used my UK debit card at an establishment that is known for fraud activity and my bank told me they would send me a new card.  That was almost 4 weeks ago and it still has not arrived.  I had this sent to my work address too!  Today, I requested a DHL shipment instead so hopefully it will be here soon.  Good job I have a local bank account!!

Thinking ahead to Christmas, I think we will be opening cards well into January, based on our Ex-Pat neighbor’s experience.


One response to “Mail

  1. Hi Sara, Pleased to here you have found a nice house and are settling in. What is your address hun? Would love to be able to send cards etc, if they get there?! We have the same problem in getting stuff to my brother in Singapore. Regularly cards dont get there at all! Hope you are all well. Lots of love Jo xx

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