It has proven difficult to find good meat that we can trust where it has come from.  Until now!  Yasmine Butchers (and Restaurant) in Jingqiao had the best selection of meat we have seen since we have been here.  It is run by Aussies, and the selection of organic, cuts and types resulted in an “oh WOW” reaction from us.  We have stocked up on Lamb shanks and pork sausages; bought a proper plump chicken for dinner tomorrow and had a fabulous lamb loin tonight.  I think that Yasmine’s will be getting a lot of our money.

After we had bought the meat, we thought we should check out barbecues.  And, where else do you go to look at these, but B&Q.  Yes, B&Q are here in Shanghai, same store layout, same colours and same uniform – just a different language!  We could not make ourselves understood (the frustrations of language difficulties when we do not speak Chinese and they do not speak English) so we left without purchasing anything.   I am positive we will work something out soon.


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