How to learn English from the Chinese point of view

After a particularly frustrating exchange between Owen and Driver Fu, where Owen failed to make himself understood, Driver Fu gave Owen a phrase book with phonetic pronunciations of phrases and words.  Owen promptly had an attack of the giggles when he was reading the English from the Chinese point of view.  Here are a few examples (I will provide answers on the next post – see how many you can get before then):

1.  san ke you fou re si wan de fou mi ou.

2.  kan you du san mu shao ping fou mi.

3.  ai dong te an de si tang de ying ge li shi e tao.

4.  ai ou pei yin kai shi.

5.  hai ou pu.  fu wai e.  rao bo rui.  se fu se fu.

Good luck!  I am hoping that the phonetic pronunciation of Chinese words are much more accurate in my book/app!



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