Furniture moving – the Chinese way

When we first moved into our home here, we had organized for the landlord to rent us some furniture until our container arrived.  The day before our shipment was due to be delivered, we needed all the furniture taken away so we would have room for our own stuff.  Owen assumed that they would show up with a truck, but this is actually how they moved everything:

Sofa - on a bicycle!

Sofa – on a bicycle!

Table, 4 chairs, 2 bedside tables - on a bicycle

Table, 4 chairs, 2 bedside tables – on a bicycle

All the bicycles are lined up ready to remove the rest of the rented furniture – lamps, beds, armchairs, chest of drawers……  Absolutely amazing!


2 responses to “Furniture moving – the Chinese way

  1. Wow, very interesting… other than the bicycles.. the street looks like a typical american neighborhood…the architecture… landscaping…etc…

    • This is an American built neighborhood, so it will look familiar! All the houses have American fridges, washer/dryers, en-suite bathrooms….. It is well looked after and there is always someone sweeping leaves, cutting grass or weeding.

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