The Tooth Fairy (visit number 4)

The Tooth Fairy visited our house again last night.  It is visit number 4 for Isabelle who has now lost all of her front teeth!!  Last night at dinner, the very wobbly one on the bottom came out when she was eating.  It has been threatening to come out for days and Owen has had great fun in getting the pliers out and pretending to pull it out for her – much to her disgust! 

There is a perfect gap for her tongue to peek through, which it often does now, especially when she is smiling.  The School Photographer nick-named her Lizabelle because she kept poking her tongue out!  Thankfully, the first bottom to fall out now has 1/2 a big one grown and the top 2 have started to grow too.

Toothless with Fairy Money!

Toothless with Fairy Money!


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