Halloween Trick or Treat

The Emerald does Halloween Trick or Treat at the weekend nearest to October 31st so last night was our night to be out!  Isabelle was Violet Incredible, Oliver was Dash Incredible and I was Elastagirl Incredible.  Owen stayed at home to give out the candy!

We spent the morning completing the house decoration:

Our Halloween decorated house

Our Halloween decorated house – complete with the “black” light to make the spiders web fluorescent in the dark!

All the little ghosts, witches, wizards, spooks etc met at the Clubhouse at 5.00pm.  There were so many children – I didn’t realize we had so many in our neighborhood!

The neighborhood gathering to start the Trick or Treat rounds

The neighborhood gathering to start the Trick or Treat rounds

Many of the adults were also in costume so it was a very festive and fun walk around!  At 5:15pm all the kids were off and running and in all different directions.  The kids wanted to get to 5th Street as quickly as possible as all the houses in that road had got together to build a Haunted House!

5th Street Haunted House

5th Street Haunted House

We had walked through it earlier in the day and it was a little scary for our 2 incredibles so they definitely did not want to do it again in the dark!

Most of the houses in our large compound were participating in the Halloween tradition and many houses were suitably decorated too!  This is the biggest Trick or Treat that I have ever seen (and we lived in America for 15 years!!!!!)  You could tell who the American children were as they were the ones dressed in costumes that were not scary!  We saw lots of vampires, spooks, witches and ghosts.

Our neighbor across the street had made her own headless woman costume – it looked brilliant:

Our headless neighbor

Our headless neighbor

2.5 hours later, we were back at our house.  There was a note on the door to say that we had run out of candy!  Owen said that the door bell was going non-stop and that he had never seen so many children.  Apparently, everyone loved our pumpkins and were mesmerized by the light.  Our 2 had sore feet and aching legs from all the walking, but were over the moon by the amount of candy they had collected!  A very enjoyable evening – I like Halloween Chinese style!!!!!

Trick or Treating at a neighbors!

Trick or Treating at a neighbors!



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