Happy 5th Birthday, Oliver

Oliver seems to have been celebrating his birthday for many days!  His actual birthday was a low key affair.  He took some sweeties in to school for all of his friends to share.  At home, he opened presents from family (Owen’s last trip to the UK was good timing for picking up gifts from family in the UK and so he had quite a few to open).  Isabelle was so excited about her gift, that she wanted Oliver to open it first.  She loves wrapping things up so Oliver had 4 presents from Isabelle.  He ended up loving the things she had given him which was just as well as she had wrapped cars and stickers that he already owned!!  When he got to the big one, he was beside himself with excitement as he pealed back the paper.  He has seen lots of advertisements on TV for Hot Wheels and has been asking for a set.  Well, it was his lucky day as that is exactly what Isabelle gave him!

Oh my goodness, is that what i think it is?!?!?

Oh my goodness, is that what I think it is?!?!?

It is, it is, it is!

It is, it is, it is!  I love my sister xxxxxx

I want to set it up right now….. I am so lucky

He was so excited about this present, that it was several minutes before his attention came back to the pile still waiting to be opened.

Train and Magnetic Book from Grandma and Grandad

Oliver loves anything with wheels and often gets his Thomas the Tank train set out.  Percy was a hit as it is another battery powered one, which he loves because he can then set up “accidents and crashes” on the track while the train is going around!

Ben 10 gear from Auntie Kim

Oliver loves the Ben 10 cartoon’s and now he has his own Omnitrix!

Creepy crawlies from Grandpa Howard and Grannie-Annie

Uncle Lolly gave Oliver a squeezy creature that shows his blood and brains!

And a really cool whistle!

Uncle Peter, Auntie Emma, Maeve and Oscar gave a paper airplane book. The coolest paper airplanes ever from these designs! Now, I am finding them all over the house!

A Leap-pad from Mum and Dad

This is a really cool gadget.  He loves the letter app on this and we love the fact that he is learning how to trace his letters and recognize them while playing (and he doesn’t even know that he is learning!!) 1 week on and we have already had to replace the batteries!  I think we need to get the charger pack…….

Birthday “cake”

He had already had his birthday cake at his party a few days earlier, so on his actual birthday we just put candles in his ice cream dessert!

He was so grateful for his presents and acknowledged that he had been a very lucky boy.  A wonderful birthday celebration for a wonderful little boy.


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