The Life of the Celebrity

Having spent the weekend being followed, photographed and touched, I now have some sympathy for those who live life in the tabloid magazines.  The celebrities who court fame, fortune and continual hounding are at least compensated with free designer gowns, fancy jewels and endorsements.  In return they must put up with the constant presence of paparazzi taking their picture.  All we are doing is living in China!!  Our children are a magnet wherever we go.

It is not so bad in Shanghai as it is the most westernized of China cities.  However, a 3 hour flight in land, to Chengdu, and it is much more noticeable.  Even though Chengdu is a popular destination for tourists (to visit the Panda Bears), it seems that Western children are still a novelty.

I especially noticed it this weekend as we were out and about so much.  I do not mind quite as much when people keep their distance, but it becomes intrusive when they get too close and then want to touch them both.  I lost count of the number of photographs that were taken of our 2 lovely children.  Many people asked to have their photo taken with them too.  Isabelle and Oliver now ignore the attention as they are getting used to the stares, pointing and smiles, and will generally ignore it all.  At least our 2 children bring smiles to everyone around us!


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