Dinosaurs and Volcanoes

Reception were studying Dinosaurs last term.  Oliver has absolutely loved this topic and can rattle off the names of many of them.  He can identify them by shadow flashcards and has an opinion on why they died.  I say all this because I love his enthusiasm for learning!  He has built his own dinosaur out of “junk” (packaging, toilet rolls, etc that are recycled in these school projects) that had an impressively long neck and was beautifully painted.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with him at school where he was excited to show me all that they had completed.  He had helped to make a volcano and I was there to see him and some classmates paint it.

Painting the volcano

Painting the volcano

He also did some Dinosaur excavation – a really cool kit that allows kids to learn about fossils!

Excavating for his dinosaur

Excavating for his dinosaur

Here is the finished result!

Here is the finished result!


One response to “Dinosaurs and Volcanoes

  1. Blimey, I Can’t believe how Oliver is growing up so quickly. His face has completely changed since last summer

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