Daily Archives: August 22, 2013

While the mice away…. 2013 version

It was a difficult summer for me last year because I spent too much time away from Owen and the Kids.  This year we have worked it a little differently, but it is still almost 3 weeks apart and it is heart breaking for me not to see them for so long.  I realize that I am being selfish as everyone (all of our Ex-Pat friends who have kids!) leaves Shanghai in the Summer and they would be so bored, but it doesn’t make it easier for me.  So, I fill my time with work, work and more work.

And…. maybe a little play.  I have 1 full weekend by myself.  I fill Saturday by getting my hair cut (for some reason, I feel guilty doing this on any other Saturday when the kids are here because I work so much during the week).  I also have a mani/pedi and massage.  Such luxury!  Then I spend Sunday reading books, lazing by the pool and finishing off by catching up with some friends in the evening.

Waiting for the family to return………