My Philanthropist Daughter!

Isabelle has quite the big, giving heart.  Earlier this year she (and Ava) held a very successful bake sale and donated a big amount of money to a local orphanage.  Last weekend, Isabelle and her friend Sarah held a Toy Sale.  For 2 hours on Sunday afternoon, they sold as many of their gently used toys and books as they could to raise some money for the survivors of the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan.

Isabelle and Sarah had been planning this for weeks, sorting through toys, books and dress up clothes that they no longer wanted, had outgrown or just did not want any more.  We had quite the collection of items to sell:

A driveway full of toys and books!

A driveway full of toys and books!

Following a neighborhood wide email communication and then a reminder flyer in each mailbox (Isabelle was determined to make this as successful as the Bake Sale!) we had a few good customers and the girls made some good sales.

Open for business!

Isabelle and Sarah.  Open for business!

I was so proud of both of them as they managed to sell 660RMB worth of items and decided to give 350RMB to the Typhoon Relief effort, and then divide the rest between them as pocket money.  There is quite a lot left over, so we will be repeating the sale in January hoping to target all the new people who will arrive over the Christmas break!!  🙂

Isabelle and Sarah gave their donation to Mr King at BISS (Head of Juniors) who then wrote me an email to say he was going to recognize them during the assembly for the week.  Luckily, I was off on Wednesday and so it was a privilege to see my lovely daughter and her friend called up and spoken about in front of all the Junior School.

The backdrop to Mr King's comments.

The backdrop to Mr King’s comments.

Sarah, Mr King and Isabelle.

Sarah, Mr King and Isabelle.

Isabelle comes up with ideas on how to help others all by herself and is very focused on the underdog.  I am so proud of this spirit in her and wish for that to grow deeper over time.  She is so caring and so empathetic.  Mr King was also proud of them both – they both represented values that the school are trying to nurture.

This video clip is 2.19 long – the assembly highlight of Isabelle and Sarah and their philanthropic event:


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