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International Food Fair at BISS

Last week was International Week at BISS.  There are 47 different Countries represented at BISS (2000 students) and each year they spend a week specifically focused on these Countries.  The children are invited to share traditions, culture, clothing (national dress), customs and food.

Friday was the International Food Fair.  Owen had been part of the UK committee planning the British representation.  They decided on an 80’s music theme with retro party food.  The team of 8 spent the last 6 weeks planning everything down to the last detail and then making the “set”, organizing the dress code, selecting and cooking for the big day.

The British International Food Fair Committee

As you can see, the team looked FABULOUS!  They went off to various markets (there are markets for EVERYTHING in China) and found the material for the dresses, shirts and waistcoats.  They were all made within a week!  Off to another market (hotel market) to buy dishes for pennies!  Yet another market for the flags – yes, there is a flag market. The commodities market supplied headbands, (Oliver’s party bags) and other bits and bobs and also the stationary market for paper and cardboard.

Owen and John spent many hours creating the big records and building the shelving.  The couple of days before the big event was a flurry of cooking to get everything ready.  Marks and Spencer and Tesco both sponsored the event by providing food and drink – incredibly generous of them!  They were recognized with their logos on records!

Table 1 – “United”

Table 2 – “Kingdom”

The menu included: cheese and pineapple, iced gems, sausage rolls, yorkshire pudding with roast beef, scones with jam and cream, jam tarts, sausages, cheese and onion puffs and crisps.  Food colouring provided the red, white and blue lemonade!

“British” lemonade – the kids loved this!

John & Owen

Each class in each year came through and visited all the tables.  They were all dressed in clothes representing their Country and Isabelle and Oliver were so excited about this!  They both thought that the British stand was the best by far (they had to say that, of course!!)  but they also enjoyed Peru and New Zealand (they just served ice cream!).  Owen thought India was the 2nd best – after UK!

Isabelle visiting Daddy at the British stand

Oliver visiting Daddy at the British Stand

The Headmaster was most impressed when he came round.  Apparently, the British display was not very good last year with several other Countries putting on a far better show.  Not the case this year!

Great food from India!


Ice Cream from New Zealand




Hong Kong



The Danish team (there are only 2 Danish families at BISS, so this was a 100% effort!)


South America – Colombia, Peru, Chile


Stetsons and denim from America



Isabelle and Oliver thought it was a brilliant day – non stop food!  Owen served nearly 2000 kids and was exhausted at the end of the day, but said it was a great day and a really well organized event all round.

Showing off the Tesco record for the Tesco Executive who came to check it out!