Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

Getting a Bank Account


I have no idea about the forms I filled out to open a bank account, but I have a debit/credit card.  I am used to passing money over to deposit when opening a new account, but here you have to wait for 7 days to be approved and then you are officially good to go.  When my security device arrived (for Internet banking) I could not remember the password I had set up.   So, I did the usual password request email, completed the process and then got a message telling me that I had to print the confirmation off and bring it into the branch for verification!!!!



We arrived at the end of March and it was already warmer than in the UK.  When it rains here it really rains, but the advantage is that it clears the air and then you have beautiful clear days (until the pollution builds again!!).   You can see a visible difference in the air quality from downtown and the suburbs.

Today it is a glorious sunny warm spring day.  The blossoms are out all over town and it is just beautiful.