Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

Stupid and stupider

A loud scream from the kitchen had me running in to see that Owen needed ice for his hand.  He had been cooking some meat by starting it in the frying pan, then putting it in the oven to finish off.  Of course, it was now back on hob and what do you usually do when you want to move a frying pan?  You pick it up!

I quickly filled the bowl with ice to cool his burning hand down and then take over preparing dinner.  Owen had just finished telling me what he had done with the extremely hot frying pan and handle.  I am thinking that this was a really stupid thing he had done as he had just used the oven glove to take it out of the oven.

He tells me that the meat is ready (his hand is still in the bowl).  What do I do?  I pick up the frying pan and burn MY hand!!!!  What a pair.  Stupid and stupider for sure.  We both spend the evening clutching ice wrapped in kitchen towel and then spraying after-sun lotion to cool our burning palms.  I cannot believe that we both did exactly the same idiotic action – I am even more amazed at my own stupidity after just seeing Owen do it.