Daily Archives: December 16, 2012

A Shang-high and Shang-low week or Juggling Act Part 2

Last week, Owen was in the UK for the week.  I took Thursday and Friday off so that I could focus on the kids (plus all the Christmas activities that were taking place or needed to be done).  I am so fortunate that the Ex-pat community is so supportive of one another.  My friends here all know that I work (sometimes long hours) and I had many emails offering to look after the kids, feed us or cover school bus drop off and pick up.  It is such a relief to know that I am not alone when Owen has to travel back to the UK for his pain relief medication.  In fact, I was over whelmed with the emails that came pouring in.  I am not alone here. Neither is Owen.    This is truly a community that cares about one another.

So, the Shanghai-high part of the week was the support that I received.  The Shang-low part of the week was the juggling act…..

I feel guilty calling upon my friends to help.  I know that they really want to help and that they do not think anything of it.  But, I still cannot help feeling guilty.  In my head, I am trying to work out when I can repay.  And, I know that they don’t want repaying!  It is part of the Ex-pat life to support one another and I am trying really hard to be a part of that.  It is so difficult to release some of the independence and “I can do it” mentality.  Work is especially difficult at the moment as we approach year end with lots of changes for 2013.  I am feeling under pressure all round.  It is a constant juggling act between home and work – the experts are right – you really cannot have it all 😦