Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

100th Post

This is my 100th post documenting the adventures of OSIO in China.  Looking back over our journey so far, I see a variety of posts on many different subjects: kids, school, China culture, China life, toilets (it must seem that I have an obsession here), friends, ex-pat life, and of course, our travels and experiences in Asia.

100 posts in approximately 300 days (since we arrived in Shanghai) – I am astonished to find that I have managed to keep up the pace of a post every 3-4 days….  With approximately 420 days left on my assignment, I hope I can keep up the journalling.  OSIO all enjoy looking back on our adventures and I hope that the memories (along with our many new friendships) we are creating here will last a lifetime.


Evolution of Squat toilets

Visiting an office in Beijing, I noticed this sign in the toilet.  It was not a squat toilet so I nearly fell off laughing!!  The translation reads “It’s time to enjoy, not to create.  We don’t want you to fall off.”

Squat Toilet Evolution

Squat Toilet Evolution