Dads and Lads plus a Girlie night out

Saturday night was the Annual Dad’s and Lad’s campout at BISS.  Owen was not looking forward to this as his arm is still in a cast and he definitely does not like sleeping on the ground anymore!  However, Oliver was very excited to be camping out, in a tent, with his Dad.

They certainly looked like they were packing for a week and not just 1 night!  Tent, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, sleep mats….. plus a change of clothes and toiletries!

Matt and Ethan arrived at 2.45pm to collect them.  Then they met all the “Emerald Dads and Lads” at our Clubhouse so they could travel to the school together.  Once they arrived, they were directed to a place on the athletic field ready to pitch their tents and settle in for the night.

Chilling with Daddy

Chilling with Daddy

After an  afternoon of activities, food and fun, it was time to go to sleep.  Oliver and Ethan watched a movie on Owen’s iPad and once Ethan had fallen asleep, it was lights out for Oliver too!!  Once he was fast asleep, it was time for Owen to chill with the rest of the Dads.

Bedtime in the tent

Bedtime in the tent

While the boys were away, it was girlie time!  Emma and Ava came to collect us very soon after the boys had left.  We had appointments for pedicures together!  We were early enough to enjoy a leisurely coffee and enjoy the wine celebration going on at the Kerry Parkside.

We all had a fantastic experience at Dragonfly:

Pedicure time!

Pedicure time!

Nails, nails, nails.  Isabelle (Flower) and Ava (Rose), Emma (Red) and Sara (Pink)

Nails, nails, nails. Isabelle (Flower) and Ava (Rose), Emma (Red) and Sara (Pink)

After all the pampering it was off to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner!  Back to our house for a girlie movie and to wrap up a lovely afternoon and evening with just the girls.


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