Owen, Oliver, Isabelle and Sara

OSIO – Owen, Oliver, Isabelle and Sara


This is us – OSIO.  I am a wife, mother and working career woman.  Born in Zambia, raised in UK, Married to Owen for almost 20 years, lived for 15 years in Atlanta, GA, USA, where our 2 gorgeous children were born, then back to the UK (a whole other story….)  Now, all of us are in Shanghai, China for 2 years


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  1. Hi OSIO – keep the blog going. We want to hear all about every experience. And don’t forget to call, did the Company give you an allowance for phone calls ‘home’? Hope so.
    Take care and good luck. xxx

  2. Loving it – just caught up on your first few weeks. Need more photos 🙂

  3. Great to see all of you looking so well and happy, Sara. Say Hi to Owen for me and thank him for accepting my Friends request on FB. I’ve signed up to follow your blog! Stay well xxxx

  4. Hello from Minnesota! We have all been enjoying your updates and following your adventures! Hope all is well for you all.

  5. Why are you called Osio?

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