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World Book Day – Miss Trunchbull and Kipper

Friday March 9th was World Book Day.  The Junior School at BISS events included a week long book fair.  Isabelle spent some of her own pocket money on some books.  She also participated in the World Education Games, competing with students all over the world in maths, science and literary competitions and quizzes.  The end of the week the students could dress up as characters from a favorite book.  (Instructions came home to say that they really did not want to see super hero costumes!)

Isabelle dressed up as Miss Trunchbull from Matilda by Roald Dahl and Oliver dressed up as Kipper from The Magic Key book series.

Miss Trunchbull and Kipper

Miss Trunchbull and Kipper

At first glance, it might appear that Isabelle is really acting like Miss Trunchbull, but she is sulking because she really did not want to have the mole on her face!  We had to convince her to keep it long enough so that the teachers could see at school and then she could wipe it off!

Oliver’s teachers were very impressed with his outfit.  So, were we because he picked this character himself without any prompting.  Amazing how a big aluminium covered cardboard key can transform a little boy into Kipper……