Daily Archives: May 12, 2012




Our million dollar dog, Tetley is now legal.  We paid an absolute fortune to ship her from USA to UK when we returned there in 2010 and we have paid another small fortune to bring her to China with us.

After a month of home quarantine in the UK before we left, plus many vaccinations that China require and a very expense flight (her trip on British Airways was more than all of ours put together!) she arrived in Shanghai at the same time as us.  She had to do 7 days of quarantine in Shanghai, but was obviously looked after there and returned to us in good spirits.

Then, she had to put up with a month in an apartment home so had to get used to riding the elevator every time we went out with her.  She was still on home quarantine for another 23 days.  We also knew that we had to get a license for her.  So, this Thursday Owen took her to the annual registration process at our compound.  This is where the police come and register all the dogs in one go.

Now, there are some quite strict regulations when you research the process for getting your dog registered in China, but it appears that as long as you pay 100RMB (£10$15) then you get the official piece of paper.  I am so relieved to finally have this important piece of paper as the Chinese are not very tolerant of un-licensed dogs and will confiscate and destroy them without a second thought.



It has proven difficult to find good meat that we can trust where it has come from.  Until now!  Yasmine Butchers (and Restaurant) in Jingqiao had the best selection of meat we have seen since we have been here.  It is run by Aussies, and the selection of organic, cuts and types resulted in an “oh WOW” reaction from us.  We have stocked up on Lamb shanks and pork sausages; bought a proper plump chicken for dinner tomorrow and had a fabulous lamb loin tonight.  I think that Yasmine’s will be getting a lot of our money.

After we had bought the meat, we thought we should check out barbecues.  And, where else do you go to look at these, but B&Q.  Yes, B&Q are here in Shanghai, same store layout, same colours and same uniform – just a different language!  We could not make ourselves understood (the frustrations of language difficulties when we do not speak Chinese and they do not speak English) so we left without purchasing anything.   I am positive we will work something out soon.


Oliver’s first Chinese Haircut

Oliver had his hair cut today.  He got to sit in a racing car seat while Mr Peter did an expert job on his unruly hair.  Owen had been earlier this week and was very impressed.  He had found “Top to Toe” in Jingqiao through an Ex-pat site and I think it was a great find.  Owen said that he would be going back for the next 2 years!!  They speak excellent English and the prices are very reasonable.  It only cost £4 for Oliver’s cut today.