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Char Bar, Mr Willis and Friends

End of a long week!  Friday night started with us heading to the Char Bar, which is  a bar on top of Hotel Indigo on the Bund.  We were meeting friends from Emerald on the roof top for drinks before going to dinner in the French Concession.

It was a fantastic evening.  The ladies all wearing sleeveless dresses/tops and no need for a jacket!  The weather is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  Loads of blue skies, sunshine, good air quality and warm!  We arrived on the rooftop at 7.30pm and had a couple of cocktails there before leaving for dinner at Mr Willis.

Owen, Matt, Emma, Nick and Lin at Char Bar, Hotel Indigo

Owen, Matt, Emma, Nick and Lin at Char Bar, Hotel Indigo.  Great view of the Pearl Tower, Bottle Opener and other downtown buildings from here.

Owen & Sara at the Char Bar, Hotel Indigo

Owen & Sara at the Char Bar, Hotel Indigo

This is a fabulous location!  It was a lovely relaxing start to the weekend – chilled glass of wine, with friends, admiring the view and unwinding from the week.

Fabulous view of downtown Shanghai

Fabulous view of downtown Shanghai

All of the boats on the Bund were lit up!

All of the boats around the Bund were lit up!

Another great view.......

Another great view…….

The Huangpu River at night.

The Huangpu River at night.

We can highly recommend Hotel Indigo!

Hotel Indigo

After such a good start to our evening, expectations were high for dinner!  A short drive across town and we arrived at Mr Willis in the French Concession area.  This area is very distinctive as there are lots of trees down all the avenues and there are many “boutique” type shops, cafes and restaurants.  This area is probably the most western within Shanghai.

Mr Willis restaurant is on the top level of a building with a couple of other restaurants in it.  The menu is all western and top quality.  I shared the Goats Cheese Souffle with Emma (Owen ate a whole portion) to start with and then had Lamb Shank for my main.  Owen had ordered the Roast Beef which was actually the biggest steak I have ever seen, but so delicious (over 50% came home in a doggy bag with us!)  My lamb shank was fall-off-the-bone tender, and perfectly accompanied with couscous and a tomato based sauce.  Owen had lemon sablee for dessert and I had pavlova – both melt-in-the-mouth yummy!  It was a fantastic meal for both of us.

A lovely evening, with lots of laughs, good food, fine wine and friends.  The perfect start to the weekend!


BISS “Ourselves” day, Roman Day, Picnic Day and others……

The school that our children go to, British International School Shanghai, (BISS) is a great school and I am so grateful that they are happy there, getting a fantastic education and having fun!  The school sets high standards – above the standard UK government recommendations and so the expectations are that our 2 should do incredibly well here.  I particularly like that they involve parents in many of the topic and class activities.  For example, a couple of weeks ago, Oliver was finalizing his topic on “Ourselves” which included building his own family tree, learning about the different parts on him, things that people have in common as well as the differences between him and many of his classmates (it is an International school with many different colours of skin, accents, languages and cultures – all of which are discussed and celebrated).  I got the chance to spend a couple of hours helping him finish his family tree and then the finale – draw around him and help him finish his “Oliver self portrait”.

Oliver with his finished "me"

Oliver with his finished “me”

I drew around him and he did all the painting, cutting and sticking on of everything.  It was so much fun!

One of Isabelle’s recent topics has been on the Romans and the finale was to dress up as a Roman for the day:

I am a Roman Goddess!

I am a Roman Goddess!

Showing off the cape......

Showing off the cape……

Walking like a ....... Roman!!

Walking like a ……. Roman!!

Another parent involved day was to assist with a practical on following instructions.  In class, Isabelle brainstormed different sandwich fillings and all the elements that go into making a healthy sandwich.  The next day she had to take those ingredients in and make her sandwich.  This was the parent inclusion aspect!  She was so excited when I arrived in class (about 50% of the children had parents there to watch!)  Then we all went to the football field to enjoy a picnic with the finished result.

Isabelle enjoying her self made sandwich with friends

Isabelle enjoying her self made sandwich with friends (Ava, Sophia, Maddie, Sarah and Mayha).

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to participate in these events every now and then – it really makes the difference to my life and to the kids!

Oliver's class - Reception Alder. Teacher is Miss S

Oliver’s class – Reception Alder. Teacher is Miss S

Oliver's artwork - his pasta name!

Oliver’s artwork – his pasta name!