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Oliver’s first Chinese Haircut

Oliver had his hair cut today.  He got to sit in a racing car seat while Mr Peter did an expert job on his unruly hair.  Owen had been earlier this week and was very impressed.  He had found “Top to Toe” in Jingqiao through an Ex-pat site and I think it was a great find.  Owen said that he would be going back for the next 2 years!!  They speak excellent English and the prices are very reasonable.  It only cost £4 for Oliver’s cut today.

First Work Trip

After a long weekend (it was labor day on May 1st, so I had Monday and Tuesday off), I travelled to Hong Kong to work with our team there.  Last time I was in Hong Kong was in 1995 and it has certainly changed. So much so, that I did not recognise anything!

View of Hong Kong from my hotel room

It was a very productive trip and even got to enjoy a night at the horses- a customer event at The Jockey Club (which was the Royal Jockey Club last time I was here!)

Night out at the Jockey Club

Down by the finish line


We received our first letter yesterday!  Thank you to Laurence for his lovely card.  This is a big deal as we have been told that mail  is very unreliable here and not everything arrives.  Using the Chinese address is also highly recommended (Laurence wrote in plain old English!).

Apparently I used my UK debit card at an establishment that is known for fraud activity and my bank told me they would send me a new card.  That was almost 4 weeks ago and it still has not arrived.  I had this sent to my work address too!  Today, I requested a DHL shipment instead so hopefully it will be here soon.  Good job I have a local bank account!!

Thinking ahead to Christmas, I think we will be opening cards well into January, based on our Ex-Pat neighbor’s experience.

New Home!

We are in our lovely new home for the next 2 years.  It is so nice to have some space and a garden.  Tetley is loving the garden too!  It was a frantic, busy weekend at the end of April packing up and making several trips across town.

Our home is in an Ex-Pat community and it is quite the United Nations in our street: neighbors from Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, America and England.  Everyone is so friendly and there are plenty of children the same ages as Isabelle and Oliver, so they are very happy to have so many friends to play with after school and at the weekend.

Now, we are just waiting for our furniture to arrive (so we are living with rented furniture for the moment).  The ship with our container docks on May 25th, but who knows it will be sitting in customs…..

After a week we are working through the teething issues.  We have appallingly slow internet connection, so need to get that corrected.  We have hot weather already and the air conditioning is struggling upstairs.  We have had 15+ light bulbs replaced and some other minor problems.  The landlord and the management office at the community seem to be responsive so far.

I think this will be a good place to call home…….


Just the girls

Pretty Nails

Pretty Nails

Just us girls this afternoon!  Owen and Oliver were off for a night of camping at the school for Dad’s and Lad’s night.  Isabelle and I went to a spa, Dragonfly, at the Kerry Parkside Center and had pedicures.  This was a special treat for Isabelle as she has never been before, but loves painting her own toe nails.  She also had her fingernails painted.  She loved the experience and they made her treatment “kid friendly”.  (Plus it was 50% off for her!!!)

 Then we decided to try out the Clubhouse at our Compound for dinner.  They have a restaurant (as well as a coffee bar, soft play zone for kids, pool, gym and shop).  I had Lamb chop and Isabelle had chicken nuggets – which were the best I have ever tasted!!

Back home for movie time before bed – what a wonderful time with just my lovely little girl.